Natural Flavor, Captured Within

Anacapa Foods offers exceptional traditional retail, foodservice and industrial product lines. Standard pack styles include whole and sliced, various puree packs and IQF (Individually Quick-Frozen) strawberries. These products can be packaged under the Anacapa Foods label, the Well•Pict brand label, or private label. Whether you need top of the line corrugated cases, plastic pails, polybags or metal drums, it will be packed fresh, and frozen fast for exceptional quality.

Anacapa Foods is the exclusive distributor of Well•Pict Brand IQF Strawberries. These proprietary varieties are developed through natural cross-pollination and select plant breeding to provide distinct taste, flavor, aroma and color; they are non-GMO. Well•Pict’s standard growing practices result in a consistent supply of premium fresh and frozen strawberry products year-round.Strawberry Processing

Strawberries are one of nature’s great nutritional superfoods, with many proven health benefits. They contain zero cholesterol, are gluten free, low in fat and calories, a good source of fiber, rich in nutrients, and packed with powerful antioxidants. Each product is ideal for today’s convenience driven and health conscious consumers. This is why Anacapa Foods continues to be the preferred frozen strawberry supplier to the leading foodservice and industrial companies.

Anacapa Foods offers frozen strawberries in whole, sliced & diced pack styles, with or without sugar added. We can also work with customers to develop unique specialty formulations.

Products Label Standard Pack Styles & Sizes
Well•Pict™ Retail Well•Pict Berries Poly-bags 1# to 5#
Foodservice IQF Anacapa Foods & Private Label 10#, 20# & 30# corrugated cases
Retail IQF Private Label Poly-bags 1# to 5#
Foodservice Anacapa Foods & Private Label 6/6.5# 4+1 pails/cases & 30# 4 gal pails
Industrial Anacapa Foods & Private Label New & Reconditioned 380# or 400# Steel Drums & Lids
Export – IQF & Formulated Anacapa Foods & Private Label 30# corrugated cases & 4 gal round or square pails
Crushed Purees (with or w/o seeds) Anacapa Foods & Private Label 28# pails & 380# Steel Drums & Lids
Grade #1 Sortouts Anacapa Foods 380# & 400# Steel Drums
Juice Stock Anacapa Foods 380# & 400# Steel Drums