Sustainable Practices from Field to Freezer

Strawberry processing
Forward-thinking sustainability begins well before the berries are brought to the processing plant. It all starts in the plant nursery and is carried throughout the growing process from planting to post-harvest. The farming practices of our Well•Pict network of growing partners show not only good stewardship of the land, but utilize the latest eco-friendly technologies that help reduce operational inefficiencies and promote long term, sustainable supply of strawberries.

The conservation of water, our most precious resource, is critical to sustainable processing operations. Anacapa Foods’ facility reduces water usage significantly through an efficient balance of pressure versus volume, recirculation wherever possible, and use of reclaimed water for irrigation.

Our packaging supplies, including corrugated fiber and plastics, do not go to waste, as they are recycled and reused. Anacapa Foods’ ability to stay current with the most efficient processing equipment reduces overall energy use as well. Our efforts to be environmentally responsible and reduce our ecological footprint will allow for the sustainable future supply of quality frozen strawberries.